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A Few Words
About Uttso Technology & Digital Marketing

Where the world is increasing digitally rapidly, so why we have not taken step to digitalise education system. So we started our mission.
This is not only a normal education system, it is a digital education system, which we are inspired by education system of santiniketan, established by Rabindranath Tagore. Our every chapter is taught innatural environment so in this education system you can learn anything in free mind.

Package Plan

At the beginning, we will only bring a course, but we will continue to bring a lot of courses over time.Different packages are packaged according to the version of the course, and fixed prices, which are completely different from the market and much lower in price.








Why Choose Us

  • You never choose us, before choose us you try to know who we are, what is our duties, our aim, and what is our digital education system.After knowing that you can choose us.
  • In a simple word, we have brought a new type of education system in front of you, where you and your family members can learn this education together.
  • Hopefully we will introduce varieties type of course in front of all of you in future.
  • With your helping hand we can take steps to advance our thinking and make this education global.